What We Do

The Center’s mission is “to provoke and http://ati.md/cialis-online-50mgs stimulate the imagination while opening hearts and minds through excellence in diverse arts programming.”

Our Core Purpose is to Engage through Art and Ideas.

We fulfill our purpose by offering high quality programming in a variety of buy viagra low price disciplines. Often theatre, music, the visual arts and humanities come together to http://butcherblock.com/canadian-pharmacy explore an idea or theme that is relevant to our time. This unique, multidisciplinary approach to arts education allows us to present some of the world’s most interesting artists, musicians, authors, filmmakers, authors and playwrights.  With equal emphasis on mothershipton.co.uk the drawsomethingcheat24.com visual arts, the performing arts and the humanities, the Center has made a commitment to exploring issues from the perspectives of each of these three disciplines.

We care deeply about arts education and are committed to partnering with local schools to bring artists and authors, musicians and playwrights into the schools. The Center’s outreach programs supplement the school curriculum with in-school classes and workshops, visiting artists, school tours of our exhibitions and professional development opportunities for area educators. Learn more about our values, commitments and programming.