Classroom Enrichment Project

The goal of Classroom Enrichment is to use art and an art professional to enhance a topic or idea that is already being pursued in the classroom that could benefit from a different or new perspective. Strong collaboration between teachers and Center staff will make this initiative successful for all involved. The project allows the Center to enhance school curriculum by working with a teacher and a group of students to create an art project, provide an opportunity for teachers and students to approach a topic in a new way, and enhance or deepen the discussion on a particular subject. Preference will be given to projects that connect to one of the multidisciplinary topics that the Center is exploring. However, it does not have to link to a multidisciplinary.

For more information and/or to schedule a project, please contact Katelyn Ziegler, Director of Education & Humanities at or 208-726-9491 ext 119.

Please note: This is our first year crafting this program and in order for it to work effectively, we are starting small. If we cannot accommodate your needs this first year, please be patient with us. We hope to grow the program and work with you in the future.

To see our programs in action check out the videos below on our Classroom Enrichment Projects:

With Jennifer Rierden’s 6th grade AP Language Arts class and Janene Alleman’s 7th grade Life Science class at Wood River Middle School. This School Residency took place Spring 2014.

With Dr. Marcia Grawbow’s AP Statistics Class at Wood River High School. This School Residency took place from October 2013 – February 2014.