School Tours

School Tours

School Tours are offered to provide students and teachers an opportunity to see and discuss art objects, as well as to learn museum etiquette and enhance critical thinking skills. In addition to grade appropriate discussion about material, medium, perspective, composition, use of color and line, the artwork will be viewed and discussed as it relates to the larger multidisciplinary theme being explored in the exhibition. Active looking and critical thinking is an element of every tour. A hands-on project that relates to the material in the exhibition is included in a Center based tour.  Exhibition tours can also be offered via power point presentation in school classrooms.

Extended School Tours

In addition to visiting the Center gallery on a school tour or having Danica Robrahn, Teaching Assistant with The Center, bring the gallery exhibition to the school, students can further their experience with a hands-on in school project that connects to the themes of the exhibition. This project can be developed in conjunction with the classroom teacher.


The Center offers interactive gallery tours for students of all ages. Teachers are invited to schedule visits to specific exhibitions. During their visit, students will have the opportunity to discuss and look at the artwork on display. They will also have an opportunity to create their own artwork inspired by processes and ideas presented in the exhibition.

In the past year, students from every school and every grade have toured the gallery.