Thank you to our Member Donors!

The Center is grateful to the following individuals, businesses, foundations and government agencies for their financial support of our annual operations and programming during the period June 1, 2015–May 31, 2016.


Jill and Frank Dulcich
David A. Pyle
Sharon and Bill Shubin
Carol Swig
Karen and Frank Willey
Barbara and Stanley Zax

$25,000 – $49,999

Liz Brown
Susan and Ronald Greenspan
Barbara and John Lehman
Tim Mott and Pegan Brooke
Wendy and Alan Pesky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quinn
Tedde and James Reid
Julie and Preston Sargent
Roselyne C. Swig
Gail and Jack Thornton
Robin and Tim Wolff
Wolfson Family Foundations
The Andy Warhol Foundation
for the Visual Arts

$10,000 – $24,999

Lyn and David Anderson
Mindy Mays and Jack E. Bariteau
Leslie Benz
Wood River Women’s Foundation
Ginger and Don Brandt
Peco Foundation—Peter Curran
Robbins de Beaumont Foundation
Kim Kawaguchi and Bob Disbrow
Steven Durels
Michael and Lehua Engl
Sandy and Jim Figge
Sandra and Chip Fisher
Barbara and Tod Hamachek
Kathy and Joe Hardiman
Susan and Richard Hare
Family Foundation
The Pittsburgh Foundation,
Heinz Family Foundation
—Teresa Heinz
The Richard K. & Shirley S.
Hemingway Foundation
Vivian Henderson
Geri and John W. Herbert
Heather Horton
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
—Daniel and Jodie Hunt
Idaho Commission on the Arts
Tracy and Greg Johnson
Sue Kelly
Leslie and Michael Lanahan
Kenneth Lewis
Ali Long
Jon A. Masterson Family Trust
Rob McGowan
Leslie and William McMorrow
The Mead Charitable Fund
Jeanne Meyers and Richard Carr
Kipp Nelson
Brittain and Peter Palmedo
Richard Perlman and Ellen Hanson
Trina and Jake Peters
Priscilla Pittiglio
The James J. Colt Foundation, Inc.
—Stephanie and Robert Rand
Jennifer and Peter Roberts
The Shubert Foundation
Judith and Richard Smooke
Pam and Michael Towers
Billy and Sis Weidner
Trish and Dave Wilson
Katie and Fritz Wolff
The Works of Grace Foundation
—The Castellano-Wood Family
Sarah and David Woodward

$5,000 – $9,999

Atkinsons’ Market
Ted and Joanne Baseler
Lisa Stelck and Bill Boeger
Penny Eagan and Bob Brennan
Deer Creek Fund of the Helen K.
and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation
Susan and Earl Cohen
Cox Communications
Cherie and Steve Crowe
William Eckholm
Linda and Bob Edwards
Ginny and Peter Foreman
Galen Family Foundation
—Nancy and Ross Goldstein
Sam and Peggy Grossman
Family Foundation
Kim and John Hagenbuch
Carol and Len Harlig
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Holzman
Kathleen M. Jones
Kristin and Zach Krahmer
Andrea B. Laporte
Constance Lawton and Jim Yoder
Lee Gilman Builders Inc.
Jerome F. and Judith Weiss Levy Family Fund
Gayle Marie
Michael E. Marks Family Foundation
Denise and Peter Merlone
Scott Miley and Jane Rosen
Carol P. Nie
Linda and Bill Potter
Kim and Barron Ressler
Kim and Rick Selby
The Otis Booth Foundation
—Stephanie B. and Steven M. Shafran
Q Charitable Fund—Quin Shott
Caryn and Robert Tyre
Mary Ann and John Underwood
US Bancorp Foundation
Carole Lewis and Ted Walczak
Richard and Penny Weiss
Jerry and Maryanne Whitcomb
Jennifer Wilson
Fritz Wolff, Sr.
Jesse Wolff

$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (1)
Gwynn and Mitchel August
Bretall Family Fund
Colleen and Bradley Bullington
Judi and Jeffery Camps
Dan & Micki Chapin Fund, Inc.
Dr. Michael and Kirsten Coughlin
Keller Williams Sun Valley
Southern Idaho—Katherine Rixon and Rob Cronin
Jeff Dash
Marcus J. Dash
The Dawson Family
Roger and Janet DeBard
Kathy and Joe DeFur
Andria Friesen and
Robert DeGennaro
Little Sprout Foundation
—Susan and Edmund Dumke
Jolie and Robert Dunn
Susan Duprey
Candace and Richard Emsiek
Edsel B. Ford II Fund
Elaine and John French
Suzanne and Frank Gerlits
Hailey Rotary Foundation, Inc.
Heart of Gold Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
High Country Fusion
—Tiffanie and David Hanks and Kathleen Bjorkman-Wilson
and Steven Wilson
Cynthia and Quentin Hills
The Sanford Foundation
—Nancy Hughes
Hull Family Foundation
—Gail Severn and Blair Hull
Judy Jellinek
Michael and Barbie John
Elissa and Russ Joseph
Dan Kosta
Marcia and Don Liebich
Frances and Joe Luter
Margret and Nevins McBride
Judith and Marshall Meyer
M Design & Interior, LLC
Julie Weston and Gerry Morrison
Rebecca and Jonathan Neeley
Lisa Nemec and Edward Zbella
Linda and Bill Nicholson
Jennifer Nordstrom
Jay Petkunas
Tom and Michelle Praggastis
Kathryn and Kirk Riedinger
Carlyn Ring
Sarah and Bill Robertson
Mr. Chris Rossman
Ann and Irwin Sentilles
Shafran Family Foundation
Frank Shrontz
Alison and John Shulman
Mary Elizabeth and Ian K. W. Snow
Kari and Greg Strimple
Susan Swig
Gregory Trapp
Jane P. Watkins
Susan and David Weil
Lisa and Greg Wendt
Wilson Construction, L.L.C.
Julie Wrigley
Whitefish Community Foundation


$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (1)
Lesley Andrus
The Ayco Company, L.P.
John Bailey
Mark Bauer
Christie and Timothy Black
The Blank Family Foundation, Inc.
—Jerry Blank
The Borman Family
Linda and Clay Bowling
Bill and Lindy Buchanan
Jack and Elizabeth Bunce
Vic and Sara Carlson
City of Sun Valley
Kirsten and Brad Cleveland
Buzz and Penny Coe
Robert S. Colman
Catherine Corroon
Karen and Carter Cox
Kingsley and Jack Croul
Julia Damasco
Maryanne and Richard Davis
Fiona de Kerckhove
Penelope and James W. DeYoung
Jill and Mark Eshman
Susan Flynt
Damaris and Frank Ford
Bunker and Larry Frank
Lynda Fredrickson
Joyce B. Friedman
Peter and Hope Garrett
Donna and S. Jon Gerstenfeld
Karen and Ned Gilhuly
Gilman Contemporary
Morley Golden Family Charitable Fund
Roger and Margaret Gould
Robert and Barbara Grabowski
Z. Wayne and Cynnie Griffin
Jeff and Sandy Grubb
Jolynn Hardiman
Michael and Irene Healy
Charitable Fund
Dick and Betty Hedreen
Kitty Hillman
Joelle and Greg Hoff
Bobbi R. Hunt
Philip H. Isles II
Glenn C. Janss
Buncy’s Charitabe Fund
—Eleanor J. Jeffrey
Martha and Ross Jennings
Katherine Kendrick
Kiwanis Club of Hailey
and the Wood River Valley
Peter and Bonnie Kremer
Carol Lacey
Dennis W. Lallman
Jennifer and Chris Laporte
Bill and Jo Lowe
Karen and Bill Lutz
Pam and Chuck Lyford
Lori Lyle
Mariana S. Maricich-Paen
Claudia McCain
Wilson and Lisa McElhinny
Jim and Willa McLaughlin
Kathy Miranda
Carol Mutzel
William and Sally Neukom
Judith and Donald Nickelson
Esther and Michael Ochsman
Robert and Beverly O’Neill
Suzanne and Alex Orb
Perrin Orr
Cindi and Todd Osborn
Melanie Paisley
The POWER Foundation
Joy and Jack Prudek
Ann and Philip Puchner
Redfish Technology
Barbi Reed and Gary Hornbuckle
Susan Reinstein and Brian Ross
Robert and Elizabeth Reniers
Marline and Robert Rennels
Susie and Terry Ring
Larsen Fund—Muffy Ritz
Rhonda Robbins, M.D.
Brent and Bev Robinson
Beth and Bob Rohe
Glenn Salva
Marna and Rock Schnabel
Martin Selig and Catherine Mayer
Vicki and Glen Shapiro
Sara and Robert Skousen
Linda and Richard Slade
Rick Small and Darcey Fugman-Small
Selby and Fleet Smith
Erin Struxness
David and Maggie Sturdevant
Susan E. Thurston
John and Patsy Todd
Tobi and Kevin Travis
Tunney Foundation—Dr. Dori Tunney
Kathryn Urban
Kimm Uzielli
Terry and Lara Vehrs
Mallory and Diana Walker
Lynn and Frank Whittelsey
Designated Fund in the
Idaho Community Foundation
Gail and Rhys Wilkie
Kim Wiss
Paul Wolff and Rhea Schwartz
Western States Arts Federation
Tracy and Pete Wolff
Ward and Priscilla Woods
Bob and Patience Ziebarth


Allred Precision Millwork, Inc.
Anonymous (4)
Katherine A. Abelson and
Robert J. Cornell
Graham and Christie Anderson
Jackie and Howard Banchik
Donald and Carolyn Benson
Jake and Ruth Bloom
Colleen Buckley
Candida and Bart Burnap
Shannon Cahill
Greg Carr
Anne and James F. Crumpacker
Sue and Ed Cutter
Meer Deiters
William Downing and Mary Bachman
Kelly and Jim Dulcich
Bill and Joan Feldman
Randi and Fred Filoon
Marybeth Flower and Joe Bauwens
John Frey and Jane Letourneau
Morris Gallagher
Patti Gentry
Scott and Carol Glenn
Sue and Andrew Gray
Julie Gulick
Glen Hiner
Geoffrey J. Isles
Jameen and Jon Jacoby
Susan and Michael Kropp
Dana Lyons
Susan Martin
Sarah Michael and Bob Jonas
Lee Morcus
Emily Nichols
Mike Nicoletti
Jay and Louise Noyes
Linda Packer and Al Lindley
Margo Peck
Mike and Elaine Phillips
Donna Pritchard
Deb Robertson and Jeff Lamoureux
Carole and David Shankle
Richard and Barbara Shelton
Howard and Roberta Siegel
Becky and Pete Smith
Diane and Thomas W. Smith
Todd and Georgia Stewart
Darci Swanson
Judith Teller Kaye and David Kaye
Dookie and Bill Tingue
Kathinka and John Tunney
Lois Ukropina
Nils Venge
Carolyn and Jay Walton
Starr Weekes
Anita Weissberg
Kathleen Westby
Michael and Barbara Wilkinson
James and Sally Will
Wood River Women’s Foundation Member’s Fund in the Idaho
Community Foundation
—Darci Swanson
Jay Young

$250 – $499

Anonymous (8)
Laurie and Paul Ahern
Karen and Scott Alpert
Barb and Jack Anderson
BigLife Media LLC
Carolyn Corvi and John Bates
Arnold and Susan Blair
Ron and Roberta Bloom
Debbe and Franklin O. Booth III
Carol Boswell
JoAnn Boswell
Jason and Deborah Brickley
Richard and Patricia Bruder
Douglas and Connie Cameron
Heidi Campbell
Emily L. Carroll
Nancy Chapin
Courtney Cline
Drew Collier
Robertson-Conn Family
James and Susan Coons
Gary and Susan Crowe
Jayne Crowley
Peggy Dean
Robert Deaton
Richard and Cris Deposit
John and Carey Dondero
Patricia M. Draper
Willis and Miren duPont
Margaret and Charley Durnin
Wendy Easterday
Diana and Larry Eisenstat
Leon and Ann Ellis
Michael Faison and Gisela Zechmeister
Nancy and Doug Fenn
Jim and Chrissy Field
Happy Fitzgerald
Roger and Jeanne Foreman
Cay Fortune and John Shimer
Stephanie and Hod Fowler
Samuel Freeman
James Gandolfi
Nina and W.C. Gardiner III
Mark and Betsy Gates
Bob and Debbie Gilbert
Ellen and James Gillespie
Peggy Elliott Goldwyn
Putter Goodwin
Michelle and Baird Gourlay
Peter and Betty Gray
Susan and David Haas
Carolyn and Bill Harper
Dr. Ron and Sylvia Hartman
Thomas Hennig and Nancie Tatum
Peggy Hicks
Mary and Alan Hogg
Dan and Barb Hurlbutt
Theresa Hyndman
Peter and Sally Jarvis
Don and Beverly Jefferson
Anne Jeffery and Jack Sept
Debbie and Jerry Johnson
Admiral Jay and Sydney Johnson
Laura and Scott Jordan
Patricia and Douglas Kaiser
Jean and Robert Kapp
Cynthia and Steve Kearns
Gerry and Kaye Kearns
James Keller and Susan Giannettino
Diane Coulthard Kneeland
Kathleen and Karl Krekow
Kimberlee and Mark Krouse
Lallman, Feltman,
Peterson & Pierce, P.A.
Alice and Robert Lane
Box L Fund—Inge-Lise and
John R. Lane
Bob and Alice Lane
Nancy Lemaster
Debra and Jack Levin
Kathie Levison
Gary and Melissa Lipton
John and Carolyn Lloyd
Elizabeth and Scott Lucas
Ken Luplow
Alex and Gina MacDonald
Frances MacDonald
Jan and Bob Main
Mary and Stephen Malkmus
Kiki and Wayne Martin
Suzanne Marvin
Elizabeth Mathieu
Joe and Trina McNeal
Dr. Gerald and Sheila Mells
Jennifer Middleton
Sylvia and Nicholas Miller
Patricia Millington
John Milner and Kim Taylor
Steve Mitchell and Louisa Moats
Peter and Diane Mohn
Dana and Danny Moloney
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Monge
Leigh Morse and Karin Lindholm
Gayle and Corey Myer
Amber Myrick
Timothy Nelson
Albert Norris
Tom and Jane Oliver
Anita Braker and Dave Olsen
Julie Olson
Kristin Orr
Steve and Marylyn Pauley
Susan and Reuben Perin
Linda Perry
William L. Pierpoint
Phoebe Pilaro
Liz and Larry Questad
Viki and Al Rankin
Feli Funke-Riehle
David and Barbara Rognlien
Kate and Bob Rosso
Pfeifer-Rothner Family
Nina and Larry Rothstein
Michelle and David Rudd
Robert and Lynda Safron
Angelo Santinelli
Garth Schlemlein
Irv and Sylvia Scott
Susan and Eric Seder
Nancy and David Sheffner
Jennifer Hoey Smith and Cory Smith
Janet and Allan Starr
Carol and Bob Stevens
Frann and Carl Stremmel
Betty Swanson and Sten Sorensen
Sun Valley Garden Center
Dick Taylor
Lynn and Mikal Thomsen
Sally and Roger Turner
Rusty and Mary Lynn Turner
Helen and Bruce Ullman
Taylor and Mark Ullman
Charlotte Unger
Joan and John Valaas
Bill and Annie Vanderbilt
Christine Warjone Art
Richard and Sandra Webel
Colby Williams and Missy Higgins
Risa and Terry Williams
Doug Wilson
Nancy L. Winton
Daniel Young

Sun Valley Center for the Arts enriches our community through transformative arts and educational experiences.

The Center needs your support. We are so grateful for the support of all the individuals, businesses and foundations who believe in the impact the arts make in the lives of individuals, our community and society at large. THANK YOU.

We appreciate all our member Donors!

Individual and family members have access to special member benefits and help us support on-going programs and we thank them for their commitment to the arts.  Our members at the $250 level and above provide significant support above the value of their benefits and ensure that we can continue free programming for the community and high-quality education programs in our
local schools.

We strive to be accurate with
our lists. Please notify us of
any errors or omissions.