Concert FAQs

Winter Concerts:

General Info:
For our winter concerts, seating is reserved for those purchasers of our Critics Circle Series tickets and for our donors at the $2500 level and above. These seats will be opened up 5 minutes before curtain.

What time should I arrive?
We respectfully request that you arrive 5-10 minutes before curtain time. In some of our venues, parking is a short walk from the venue. Please plan accordingly!

May I take pictures, video or record sound?
No video, photography or recording is allowed at The Center’s concerts.

Where is the venue?
Please be sure to check the concert location before heading out! We do not have our own performing arts hall (yet!), so our shows are at a variety of locations around the valley. This winter we’re honored to have access to the Church of the Bigwood in Ketchum, NexStage Theatre in Ketchum, the Opera House in Sun Valley and the Wood River High School Performing Arts Theatre in HAILEY.


Summer Concerts:

General guidelines: We will have food and drink vendors at each show if you’d prefer to pack light. Please don’t bring pets, cameras or recording devices. Tickets are non-refundable and will go on rain or shine. See you on the lawns!

Does my child need a ticket?
Everyone through the door, regardless of age, requires a ticket.

What about the weather?
The weather in and around the Wood River Valley is beautiful during the summer. Be prepared with sunscreen, jacket, and long pants for the cool evenings. All shows will be RAIN OR SHINE. Tickets are non-refundable.

Can I bring in food and beverages?
PLEASE NOTE – as of SUMMER 2014: Per Sun Valley Company’s policy patron wine or alcohol will NO LONGER be allowed to be brought inside the venue and coolers will be checked at the entry. Sun Valley Company will be selling drinks and alcoholic beverages inside the venue. Food is still allowed to be brought in to all of our shows.

What if I don’t want to hassle with a cooler?
Vendors will also be on site to provide beer, wine, soft drinks and food as well.

What are these venues like?
All of our summer venues are lawns. There are no bleachers or seats. You can sit right on the grass, of course, or bring a tarp, blanket or low backed chairs.

Can I set up early?
At every summer concert, you’ve got the option to purchase early entry tickets which will allow you access to the site 15 minutes before the gates open for general admission ticket holders. Those who come in early may pick where they set up – we do not have any reserved sections or seating areas at River Run. Please, if you do come in early – be sure to stay at your site – we cannot guarantee that other people will not encroach on your area! For general admission ticket holders, once the gates are open, patrons are free to set up. Beyond the early entry tickets, we cannot allow earlier access to anyone.

What kind of chair may I bring?
Low backed chairs and blankets are welcome. Please be sensitive to those around you, if your chair is too high, please move to the edge of the seating area.

What about transportation and parking?
All of The Center’s summer concerts are within the city limits of Hailey and Ketchum. Please walk or ride to these events if you can. If you decide to drive, please be sensitive to our local neighbors who live nearby. Do not park in driveways, lawns, or directly in front of houses in residential neighborhoods.

Public Parking for the Ketchum Atkinson Park concert will be provided at the Simplot Lot (across from the Post Office), the YMCA lots, and the Hemingway Elementary main lot.

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry, as much as we love them – please leave them at home. Please do not leave any pet inside your car for any length of time.

Can I smoke at the concerts?
Nope, all of the summer shows are non-smoking.

Keep in mind … we book acts that play upbeat music and people here love to dance! If you want to avoid having people dancing around where you’re set up … please set up your picnic well back from the stage.

Can I get a refund or exchange for my tickets?
No – all ticket sales are non-refundable.

Where is the venue?
Please be sure to check the concert location before heading out! We do not have our own performing arts hall (yet!), so our shows are at a variety of locations around the valley.