Tickets and Registration

Registration for the 2016 Wine Auction takes place at Dollar Mountain Lodge on Thursday, July 21, and Friday, July 22. Please stop by and pick up your Wine Auction Weekend Guide booklet.


On-sale dates to be announced Spring 2016.
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The Sun Valley Wine Auction is pleased to offer you two different packages to choose from for the upcoming 2016 Wine Auction Weekend. In the likely event of a sell-out we will place you on a waiting list. The only way to get your first choice Vintner Dinner is to purchase a Grand Cru package. Priority selection will be given to Grand Cru Patrons. We love a good party so we do our very best to keep groups together but we highly recommend registering early to get your preferred dinner.

Grand Cru Patrons

This package is the complete suite. All the events of the weekend are included along with some behind the scenes, invitation-only experiences topped-off with exclusive concierge services.

  • Dinner with the Vintners* – first choice guaranteed
  • Special invitation to daily Vintner adventures
  • Wine Auction Gala
  • Vine & Dine Plus Pass including special seating at venue
  • Personal concierge service
  • Chauffeur Shuttle Service to all events
  • Parking pass if needed for Dollar Lodge parking

Premier Cru Patrons

A package that covers all the hot dates. It promises exclusive access to the premier events in town.

  • Dinner with the Vintners*
  • Wine Auction Gala
  • Early Access to Vine & Dine

Á la Carte Tickets

Wine Auction Gala & Celebration

An evening of soaring entertainment, incredible wine and exceptional food.

Junior Patrons Circle Tapas & Tasting 

A group of young supporters committed to outreach host an evening of wine, food and tête-à-tête.

Vine & Dine Plus Pass – Early Entry and Indoor Wine Tasting 

Vine & Dine access plus early entry to intimate indoor wine tasting.

Vine & Dine – General Entry

Wine, food and music for the entire community.

*Vintner dinners are only available with the purchase of a Grand Cru or Premier Cru package. After July 10, if seats are available, á la carte tickets to Vintner Dinners will be made available for sale.

Support Sun Valley Center for the Arts

I cannot attend the Wine Auction this year but I would like to make a 100% tax deductible donation to the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. I want to make a difference in the lives of people in this community and beyond.


The Fine Print

Assignments to Vintner Private Dinner Parties
We cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to a particular event but completing all 4 preferences when you register will improve the likelihood that you will get your top choice. We give priority to Grand Cru Patrons. At registration on Thursday July 23rd  we will provide you with your vintner dinner assignment.

Payment and Refund Policy
Registration may be paid for by check or credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Visa). Due to the limited availability of tickets and the fundraising nature of the event, no refunds are available.

Event Wait List
In the likely event of a sell-out, we will place you on a waiting list for all events.

21 or Older
By law, all registrants and guests attending Auction-sponsored events must be at least 21 years of age. No one under 21, including infants and toddlers, will be admitted to any function over the course of the Wine Auction Weekend. We recommend making childcare arrangements in advance.