Vintner Participation

Thank you to our beloved vintners who generously participate in the Sun Valley Wine Auction. The annual donations from these loyal vintners support Sun Valley Center for the Arts and directly supports arts and education for children and adults. If you meet a vintner representative during the Wine Auction weekend, be sure to thank them for supporting a worthwhile cause.

Interested in Donating? The Center accepts donation of wine to auction from private collectors.

There is limited availability for the 2016 Wine Auction. If you are interested in participating please contact Christine Davis-Jeffers at

2016 Vintner Opportunities
2016 Vintner Donation Form
2016 Vintner Adventure Form

2016 Participating Vintners

The 2016 Wine Auction will feature wines from exceptional vintners whose talents and craftsmanship produce some of the world’s finest wines. The list of the 2016 participating vintners is coming soon!