Family Days

Family Day events at The Center provide special opportunities for multiple generations to explore art and ideas together, building confidence in self-expression through art making.

Art activities in all different mediums are inspired by the themes of The Center’s BIG IDEA projects. All ages are welcome, and many activities require adult friends and family to provide hands-on assistance for the young artists in their company. Visit the museum for the first time or return to explore a new exhibition! Family Days are free and open to the public; no pre-registration is necessary for Family Day events.

Come have fun with us!

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Upcoming Family Days

FREE FAMILY DAY: The Unreliable Narrator

Saturday, November 4, 3:00 pm

Join Company of Fools’ teaching artists for an afternoon of story crafting! We will explore the work of artist Holly Andres whose most recent photographs were created at The Center, Hailey, as part of the BIG IDEA Unreliable Narrator. Through improvisation, props and costumes we will let stories from the pa...

FREE FAMILY DAY: Colorful Mandalas: Making Beautiful Circles

Saturday, May 13, 3:00 pm

Explore the exhibition Contemplative Practice with Center staff and guest artist Kaleigh Surber and learn how artists are using balance and symmetry in their artwork. Discover circles we find in the world around us and create your own mandalas by using found objects from nature, simple drawing techniques and ...

FREE FAMILY DAY: Rayguns, Robots, Drones

Saturday, March 4, 3:00 pm

Channel your inner robot! Imagine how you would express yourself through movement and create your own robot dance. Join special guest and dance instructor Melodie Taylor-Mauldin in creating hip-botic dance moves! Participants will tour the visual arts exhibition, tinker with circuit components and create l...

FREE FAMILY DAY: Idaho Stories

Saturday, November 5, 3:00 pm

Come and make art inspired by the work of Idaho artist James Castle. Born in 1889 in Idaho’s West Central mountains, Castle was deaf from birth and never learned to speak. He communicated instead through his artwork, interpreting his surroundings with drawings created from found paper and cardboard, soot an...

FREE Family Day: Letters To Your Future Self

Saturday, March 5, 3:00 pm

Family Day events at The Center provide special opportunities for multiple generations to explore art and ideas together. In addition to exploring the exhibition I Need to Tell You Something: The Lost Art of Letter Writing and Communication Today, visitors will decorate their own stationery and envelope an...

FREE Family Day: Mix and Match Portraits

Saturday, January 30, 3:00 pm

Visitors will explore the Role Play exhibition with Center staff and guests from the Advocates and then make Surrealist-inspired portraits that visually mix and match a collection of elements from each maker’s unique personality. Family Day events at The Center provide special opportunities for multiple ...

Family Day: The Art of Improvisation with Company of Fools

Saturday, November 7, 3:00 pm

Family Day participants are invited to explore the exhibition Sleight of Hand with special guests from Company of Fools, artists Denise Simone and Scott Creighton! Activities encourage visitors to consider what makes art original and what it means to be inspired by an artist. Get creative with theatre games i...

FREE Family Day: Art Senses

Saturday, March 14, 3:00 pm

Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Lee Pesky Learning Center invite you to experience The Brain exhibition with all of your senses! This hands-on museum experience will stimulate your brain and have you connecting with art in new and exciting ways!

FREE Family Day: Rock Around!

Saturday, January 24, 3:00 pm

Travel through history to discover big moments in America’s most popular music movement. Families will tour the exhibition and participate in rockin’ hands-on activities! Part of The Center's Under the Influence of Rock & Roll BIG IDEA project.  

FREE FAMILY DAY: Plant Identification and Scavenger Hunt with Darcy Williamson

Saturday, October 4, 3:00 pm

Families will explore our relationship with one of our most significant natural resources: the forest. We will start at the Sawtooth Botanical Gardens and wrap up with a tour of the exhibition at The Center. Part of The Center's multidisciplinary project Forest, Foraging and Fires. Family Day will be he...

FAMILY DAY: Creativity at Work – Explore the art of fingerprinting!

Saturday, April 12, 3:00 pm

Families can tour The Center’s Creativity at Work exhibition at 3pm & 4pm with Center staff. This exhibition will ask the question, “What does it mean to be creative?” How do different kinds of workers integrate creativity into their work?  Young artists and their families will tap into their own c...

FAMILY DAY: Wish You Were Here Postcard Printmaking

Saturday, February 8, 3:00 pm

Families can tour The Center’s Wish You Were Here exhibition at 3pm & 4pm with Center staff. This exhibition will take a look at travel, tourism and the American road trip through photography, painting and an installation. Once families have toured the gallery, they will have an opportunity to get their...

FAMILY DAY: Paper Lanterns

Saturday, November 9, 3:00 pm

Families will have the opportunity at 3pm and 4pm to tour the exhibition with Center staff. Once families have toured the gallery, they will then create traditional paper lanterns.

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