The Impact of the Wine Auction

The Sun Valley Center Wine Auction is the premier annual fundraising event for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. Proceeds from the Wine Auction make up 50% of the Center’s budget and directly support our programs in art education. Your gift has a profound impact on this community, giving students of all backgrounds an opportunity to be immersed in the arts engaging their senses, passions, and curiosity. Arts education develops improvisational skills and self-expression, enhancing confidence, teaching empathy, and strengthening creativity. Creativity is at the core of problem-solving and problem solving is the foundation of a competitive and innovative workforce, an entrepreneurial society, and an engaged citizenry.

Your gift is an investment in the community—
providing enriching arts education experiences that transform and inspire!

  • Arts education and enrichment projects for K-12 students
  • Professional theater and performing arts experiences designed for students
  • Scholarship program for students and educators
  • Free arts programming for the entire community


We serve over 41,000 attendees at Center events and of the 337 programs we offered last year 68% were FREE. Over 9,100 students participate annually in Center events.