The Liberty Theatre, Hailey

The Liberty Theatre home to Company of Fools Theatre is located:

110 N. Main Street, Hailey
Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm
Phone: 208-578-9122


The Liberty Theatre is jewel of a performing arts space located 12 miles south of Sun Valley. The original Liberty Theatre was built in the early 1900s, located directly across Main Street from its present location. The owner of the building, Sam Brooks, brought silent films to Hailey in 1917, and one could often find him giving out free candy to the eager children attending the films.

The present-day Liberty Theatre was built in 1938 on the site of an outdoor ice-skating rink. Jack Rutter, a local contractor known for his exceptional craftsmanship, envisioned a modern building to hold community events and screen “talking movies.” Cinder bricks from Burley, Idaho, were used to form the walls of the building, and glazed tiles enhanced the façade. Scaffolding built in the form of a spiral allowed workers to transport the finished materials up to the ceiling in a wheelbarrow. 

The Liberty was sold in 1973 and then again in 1994 to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, who worked to restore the historic theatre—along with several other buildings in downtown Hailey—to its original glory. Company of Fools took up residence at the theatre in November 1996 and has operated from there ever since.

Visit the Liberty Theatre

Parking: Street parking is available on both sides of Main Street near the theatre. You may also park on the side streets directly north and south of the theatre (Carbonate Street and Bullion Street). All street parking in Hailey is free.