BIG IDEA Projects


What’s the BIG IDEA? For more than 15 years, The Center has focused on creating original programs and exhibitions that consider one BIG IDEA. These multidisciplinary projects are designed to stimulate the imagination, promote conversations, provoke thought and engage our community. When exploring a BIG IDEA, you can count on a project that will include:

  • Museum exhibition in Ketchum
  • Exhibition Tours with Center curators and docents
  • Teen Workshop
  • Family Day (with exhibition tours for families)
  • Documentary and/or Feature Films
  • Lecture/Talk

—all addressing the BIG IDEA from different points of view.

In addition to the core elements above, a BIG IDEA might also include:

  • Company of Fools Play or Play Reading
  • Concert or Performance
  • Talk by an artist included in the exhibition
  • Seminar or Panel Discussion
  • Artist Residency in the schools
  • Studio art, writing or theatre classes for adults

The key elements of each project are listed below, but films and additional programs will be added closer to the opening of the projects. Check out our website and Facebook page to learn more—or sign up for our emails. All Center Members receive exhibition brochures that list all programs and events related to the BIG IDEA.

2017-2018 BIG IDEAS Projects

The Unreliable Narrator
September 1 – November 24, 2017

Scott Fife, Ernest Hemingway, 2014-16, archival cardboard, glue, screws, ink, courtesy the artist and Platform Gallery, Seattle, photo by Mark Davison

Holly Andres, Keyhole, 2017, courtesy the artist

The Unreliable Narrator considers the power of the narrator who may not be trustworthy: a storyteller who misleads, or perhaps misunderstands the events unfolding in the course of a story, or asks the reader to construct their own narrative structure as they read a book, watch a play or film, or look at a work of art. How do we know when we can believe the story we’re being told?

Visual Arts Residency for The Unreliable Narrator is generously sponsored by Jennifer E. Wilson.

Associated Events: The Unreliable Narrator

  • Museum Exhibition…..Sep 1–Nov 24
  • Exhibition Opening Celebration…..Sep 1, 5-7pm
  • Evening Exhibition Tours…..Sep 28 & Oct 12, 5:30pm (DATE CHANGE: Please note the second evening exhibition tour date has changed from the originally published date of Oct 19)
  • Film: Under the Sun…..Sep 28, 7pm
  • Film: Nuts!…..Oct 12, 7pm (DATE CHANGE: Please note this film date has changed from the originally published date of Oct 19)
  • Lecture: James B. Stewart “Truth Matters: How Fake News and False Statements Undermine America”…..Oct 19, 6:30pm (DATE CHANGE: Please note this lecture date has changed from the originally published date of Oct 12)
  • Creative Jump-in: How to Tell a Great Story with Matthew Melton from Story Story Night…..Oct 26, 5:30–8:30pm
  • Teen Workshop: From the Page to Stage with Matthew Melton from Story Story Night …..Oct 28 & 29, 10am−4pm
  • Company of Fools Staged Reading: Pal with post-show conversation with Playwright Tasha Gordon-Solmon…..Oct 27, 6:30pm
  • Family Day…..Nov 4, 3–5pm
  • Public Storytelling with The Center & Idaho Basecamp…..Nov 9, 6–8pm

This Land is Whose Land?
January 26 – March 31, 2018

Angie Smith

This BIG IDEA project considers the United States’ relationship to the international refugee crisis. What role should our country play in resettling refugees? The Center tackles this project in large part because of Idaho’s history of resettling refugees. More broadly, how do we define who has access to a particular place (a neighborhood, a town, a country), who doesn’t, and who gets to decide?

This Land is Whose Land? BIG IDEA project is generously sponsored by Jeanne Meyers and Richard Carr.

Associated Events: This Land is Whose Land?

  • Film: Big Sonia with filmmakers Leah Warshawski & Todd Soliday…..Jan 25, 7pm
  • Museum Exhibition…..Jan 26–Mar 31
  • Exhibition Opening Celebration…..Jan 26, 5–7pm
  • Company of Fools Staged Reading: The Diary of Anne Frank and post-show conversation…..Jan 27, 7pm & Jan 28, 2pm
  • Creative Jump-in: “Seeing Other People: Photography, Difference, and Ethics at the Limit” with Sarah Sentilles…..Jan 30, 5:30–7pm
  • Company of Fools Theatre: Clybourne Park with post-show conversation…..Feb 21–Mar 10, various dates and times
  • Evening Exhibition Tours…..Feb 22 & Mar 22, 5:30pm
  • Family Day.….Mar 3, 3–5pm
  • Lecture: Viet Thanh Nguyen…..Mar 8, 6:30pm
  • Panel Discussion: Whose Land Is it?….. March 13, 6:30 p.m.
  • Film: Welcome to Refugeestan…..Mar 22, 7pm

April 13 – June 22, 2018

Cameron Cartiere/Border Free Bees

Bees explores the critical role bees and other pollinators play in our food chain and environment and the challenges they face today, from colony collapse disorder to shrinking habitat. The project offers opportunities for all to learn how to help ensure the survival of pollinator species.

Associated Events: Bees

  • Workshops: Seed Paper Making…..Feb 2–3, various times
  • Lecture: Ruth Reichl “Protect What We Eat”…..Feb 8, 6:30pm
  • Lecture: Cameron Cartiere Border Free Bees…..Apr 12, 5:30pm
  • Museum Exhibition…..Apr 13–Jun 22
  • Exhibition Opening Celebration…..Apr 13, 5–7pm
  • Company of Fools Theatre Special Project: A Bee Mini-Musical (working title)…..Apr 21, 6pm & Apr 22, 2pm
  • Panel Discussion: What is the Threat?…..Apr 24, 6:30pm
  • Evening Exhibition Tours…..Apr 26, May 24 & Jun 14, 5:30pm
  • Film: Pien, Queen of the Bees…..Apr 26, May 24 & Jun 14 (short 17-minute film following the Exhibition Tours)
  • Film: Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?…..Apr 26, 7pm
  • Creative Jump-in: Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners with Sawtooth Botanical Garden…..May 3, 5:30–7pm
  • Family Day…..May 12, 12–4pm
  • Creative Jump-in: Cooking with Honey with The Haven…..May 17, 6–8pm