Student Exhibition Tours

Museum Tours

  •  Please accommodate one hour for a scheduled tour. Multiple tours can be arranged for larger groups.
  • 30 students maximum for middle school and high school tours & 40 students maximum for elementary school tours.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Tours for the  2017/2018 School Tour Program  will begin on October 2nd for The Unreliable Narrator.

Museum tours reach 1200-2000 students annually, providing students and teachers an opportunity to view and discuss art objects, as well as to learn museum etiquette and enhance critical thinking skills. In addition to grade appropriate discussion about material, medium, perspective, composition, use of color and line, the artwork will be viewed and discussed as it relates to the larger BIG IDEA content being explored in the exhibition. Active looking and critical thinking is an element of every tour. A hands-on project that relates to the material in the exhibition is included.  Offered to students K-12.

Student Exhibition Tour Video

In-School Tours

Our Education Team visits Blaine County schools to share visual art exhibitions. These visits are modeled after our museum tours and provide engagement with art and ideas in the classroom. Offered to students K-12.

Student Exhibition Planning Guide



  • I give permission to allow photography of class visit to the museum.