Gallery Walk

In association with member galleries of the Sun Valley Gallery Association, The Center participates in gallery walks scheduled throughout the year in Ketchum. These events give visitors and local residents the opportunity to view new exhibitions of painting, photography, glass, sculpture, video and installation art.

Although Sun Valley is renowned as both a summer and winter recreation destination, the vibrant visual arts scene anchored by members of the Gallery Association has become another reason to visit or live in this community.

The Sun Valley Center begins each gallery walk at 5pm and stays open until 7pm.


Friday, February 17
Friday, March 10
Friday, July 7
Friday, August 4
Friday, September 1
Friday, November 24 “Giving Walk”, 4-6 pm (special hours)
Friday, December 29


Friday, February 16
Friday, March
Friday, July 6
Friday, August 3
Friday, August 31
Friday, November 23 “Giving Walk”, 4-6 pm (special hours)
Friday, December 28


Friday, February 15
Friday, March 8
Friday, July 5
Friday, August 2
Friday, August 30
Friday, November 29 “Giving Walk”, 4-6 pm (special hours)
Friday, December 27