Thank you to our Member Donors!

The Center is grateful to the following individuals, businesses, foundations and government agencies for their financial support of our annual operations and programming during the period June 1, 2016–May 31, 2017.

Visionary Guardian

Barbara and John Lehman
Michael E. Marks Family Foundation
Wendy and Alan Pesky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quinn
Tedde and James Reid
Sharon and Bill Shubin
Karen and Frank Willey
Robin and Tim Wolff
Barbara and Stanley Zax

Visionary Guardian
$20,000 – $49,999

Lisa Rose and Marty P. Albertson
Lyn and David Anderson
Ginger and Don Brandt
Shannon Cahill
Kim Kawaguchi and Bob Disbrow
Sandy and Jim Figge
Amanda and Dana Garmany
Susan and Ronald Greenspan
Katherine Rixon and Rob Cronin, Keller Williams Sun Valley
Kipp Nelson Foundation
Leslie and William McMorrow
Denise and Peter Merlone
Brittain and Peter Palmedo
Peco Foundation—Peter Curran
The Perlman Family Foundation—Ellen Hanson and Richard Perlman
Robert M. Rogers Foundation—Robyn M. Rogers
Kim and Rick Selby
Shafran Family Foundation
Pam and Michael Towers
Wells Fargo—The Private Bank
Trish and Dave Wilson
Wolfson Family Foundations
Constance Lawton and Jim Yoder

Platinum Guardian
$10,000 – $19,999

Atkinsons’ Markets
Ces and Teresa Butner
Michele and Steve Carter
Linda and Bob Edwards
Sandra and Chip Fisher
David and Ruth Gerali
Julie and George Gulick
Barbara and Tod Hamachek
High Country Fusion
Kathy and Joe Hardiman
Susan and Richard Hare Family Foundation
H. John Heinz Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Geri and John Herbert
Dawn Ross and Doug Hickey
Lynne Humphries
Idaho Commission on the Arts
The James J. Colt Foundation, Inc.—Stephanie and Robert Rand
Kenneth Lewis
The Marshall Frankel Foundation—Bex Wilkinson
Rob McGowan
Melissa McKeithen
The Michael S. Engl Family Foundation
MF Foundation—Pegan Brooke and Timothy Mott
National Endowment for the Arts
Rebecca and Jonathan Neeley
Trina and Jake Peters
Priscilla Pittiglio
The Richard K. & Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation
Robbins de Beaumont Foundation
Jennifer and Peter Roberts
Julie and Preston Sargent
The Shubert Foundation
Judy and Richard Smooke
Kari and Greg Strimple
The Swig Foundation—Carol Swig
TNC Management V, LLC—David Tedesco
Mary Ann and John Underwood
Willy and Sheila Walker

Gold Guardian
$5,000 – $9,999

Lesley Andrus
Lisa Stelck and Bill Boeger
Greg Carr
Jeanne Meyers and Richard Carr
Dee and Roger Carter
Cox Communications
Jim Davidson
David and Michelle Dufenhorst
Joel and Dana Farkas
Flaherty Family Foundation
Ginny and Peter Foreman
Valerie and Jeff Gargiulo
Tania Modic and Bruce Gray
Carol and Len Harlig
Dr. Ron and Sylvia Hartman
Vivian and Brian Henderson
Glenn C. Janss
Kathleen M. Jones
Dan Kosta
Mrs. Andrea B. Laporte
Dr. Jerome F. Levy and Judith Weiss Levy
Marcia and Don Liebich
Elizabeth and Kaleim Manji
Susan Martin
Margie and Jon Masterson
Judith and Marshall Meyer
Jane Rosen and Scott Miley
Kathy Miranda
Kathryn and Kirk Riedinger
Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc.—Philip H. Isles II
Beth and Bob Rohe
Roy A. Hunt Foundation—Daniel and Jodie Hunt
Marna and Rock Schnabel
Silver Oak Cellars—David Duncan
Spring Creek Foundation—Ali Long
U.S. Bank Foundation
Maryanne and Jerry Whitcomb
Jennifer Wilson
Sarah and David Woodward
Lark and Gary Young
Lisa Nemec and Edward Zbella

Silver Guardian
$2,500 – $4,999

Roger Abramson
Katie Alvin
Sue and John Andrews
Gwynn and Mitchel August
Grace Harvey and John Bailey
Leslie Benz
Melisa and Edward Boersma
Missy and Roland Boney
Barbara W. Boswell
Laurel and Darryl Browman
Liz Brown
Elizabeth and Jack Bunce
Steve and Donna Burnstead
Dan and Micki Chapin
The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region—John K. Delaney
Mary Constant
Cherie and Steve Crowe
Dan and Joy Davis
DeBard Johnson Foundation—Roger and Janet DeBard
Edsel B. Ford II Fund
Susan Flynt
Formanek Foundation
Lynda Fredrickson
Glenn and Chrislynn Freed
Robin Leavitt and Terry Friedlander
Elaine and John French
The Sue and Mort Fuller Fund
Suzanne L. Gerlits
Karen and Ned Gilhuly
Nancy and Ross Goldstein
Sheldon Gordon
Troy Greenfield
Peggy and Sam Grossman
Yvette and Scott Harris
Cheri and Shawn Hassel
Judy Jellinek
Kristin and Zach Krahmer
Leslie and Michael Lanahan
Tracy and John Lee
Stacey Winston-Levitan and Dan Levitan
Carol and Greg Lindstrom
Frances and Joe Luter
Eric Mathewson
Peggy McCormick
John Montague
Julie Weston and Gerry Morrison
Brad and Valerie Naifeh
Timothy Nelson
Linda and Bill Nicholson
Norman and Carol Nie Foundation—Carol Nie
Anita Braker and Dave Olsen
Melanie Paisley
Gail Poll
Joy and Jack Prudek
Joyce Gordon and Eric Remais
Elizabeth and Robert Reniers
Carlyn Ring
Sarah and Bill Robertson
Norman Schultz
Kimberly and Jeffrey T. Seely
Q Charitable Fund—Quin Shott
Frank Shrontz
Sara and Robert Skousen
Linda and Richard Slade
Roselyne C. Swig
Dennis Tsuyuki
Caryn and Robert Tyre von der Heyden Family Foundation—Ellen and James Gillespie
Carole Lewis and Ted Walczak
Penny and Richard Weiss
Western States Arts Federation
Betty and Don Winslow

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (2)
Richard Albright
Barb and Jack Anderson
Fiona and Hal Barnett
Joanne and Ted Baseler
Pat and Jack Benson
Christie and Timothy Black
The Blank Family Foundation, Inc.—Jerome Blank
Linda and Clay Bowling
The Bretall Family Fund
Seattle Foundation—Jeffrey Brotman
Adolphus Busch
Douglas and Connie Cameron
Judi and Jeffery Camps
Catalina Wine Mixer, LLC.—Jim Ransoco
Guy Cherp
Buzz and Penny Coe
Robert S. Colman
Sophie Craighead
Jack and Kingsley Croul
Penelope and James W. DeYoung
Beth and Ronald I. Dozoretz
Debra and Lyman Drake
Ms. Kerry Durels
Michael Dwyer
MJ Elmore
Candace and Richard Emsiek
Gail Erickson
Delores L. and John B. Fery Fund
Tom and Lora Fisher
Linda and Ted Fouts
Bunker and Larry Frank
Jane Letourneau and John Frey
Mrs. Joyce B Friedman
Felicitas Funke
GE Matching Foundation
Donna and Jon Gerstenfeld
Sara and Mike Gilman
Charles Goodyear
Barbara and Bob Grabowski
Sandy and Jeff Grubb
Hailey Rotary Foundation
Michael and Irene Healy Charitable Fund
Heart of Gold Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Elizabeth and Richard Hedreen
Kitty Hillman
Cynthia and Quentin Hills
Daniel and Alicia Hollis
Barbi Reed and Gary Hornbuckle
Hull Family Foundation—M. Blair Hull
Geoffrey J. Isles
Eleanor Jeffrey
Martha and Ross Jennings
Katherine Kendrick
Bonnie and Peter Kremer
Larsen Fund
Scott Shadrick and Tom Livermore
John and Carolyn Lloyd
Josephine and William Lowe
Lisa and Wilson McElhinny
Steve Mitchell and Louisa Moats
Ambrose and Lili Monell
Carol Mutzel
Sally and William Neukom
Judith and Donald Nickelson
Irene and Ed Ojdana
Robert and Beverly O’Neill
Cindi and Todd Osborn
The Papoose Club
Suzanne Phifer-Pavitt and Shane Pavitt
Stephanie and John Perenchio
Gretchen Peter
Elaine and Mike Phillips
Pioneer Montessori School
Debra and Jay Platt
The Power Foundation
Ann and Philip Puchner
Jeanne and Michael Quinn
Silver Creek Outfitters
Rhonda Robbins, M.D.
Ron Sali
The Sanford Foundation—Nancy Hughes
Gail Severn
Marie Sexton
Paul and Chris Stefani
Nancy and Larry Stone
The Swig Foundation—Susan Swig
Thurston Charitable Foundation
The San Francisco Foundation—Barry Traub
Tunney Foundation—Dr. Dori Tunney
Kathryn Urban
Diana and Mallory Walker
Susan and David Weil
Anita Weissberg
Greg and Gwen Weld
Lynn and Frank Whittelsey Designated Fund
Whitefish Community Foundation
Gail and Rhys Wilkie
Kelley Witt
Rhea Schwartz and Paul Wolff
Wood River Insurance, Inc.
Ward and Priscilla Woods
Bob and Patience Ziebarth
Kathryn and Chris Zupsic
Neil Zussman

$500 – $999

Bob and Mickey Angell
John and Betsy Ashton
Beckert Family Foundation
Marybeth Flower and Joe Bauwens
John Berger
Kristen and Rob Blabey
Debbe and Franklin O. Booth III
The Borman Family
Deborah and Jason Brickley
Bartlett and Candida Burnap
Burns Family Foundation—Patti Gentry
Heidi Campbell
Nancy and Roy Chapin
Mari and David Clack
Nancy Cohn
Drew Collier
Julia Damasco
Maryanne and Richard Davis
Maija and Al Eerkes
Cougar Elfervig
Ronald and Pam Fairfax
Pia and Tom Faxon
Miles Fink-Debray
Jeanne and Roger Foreman
Ed Forman
Stephanie and Harold Fowler
Suzanne Frick
Steve Gaggero
James Gandolfi
Glassybaby White Light Fund
Margaret and Roger Gould
Betty and Peter Gray
James Grossman
Guy Harris
Lynne and Tim Harris
David Hoffman
Idaho Sleep Services
Colin Jensen
Andrew and Sonya Johnston
Catherine Corroon and Michael Jones
Kenefick Ranch Vineyards and Winery
Deb Robertson and Jeff Lamoureux
Jan and Bob Main
Brad Mathews
Claudia McCain
Jim and Willa McLaughlin
Rose and Kevin McNeely
Jennifer Nordstrom
Suzanne and Alex Orb
Charlotte and Michael Page
Margo Peck
Dianna Pheifer Drucker
Kristin Poole
Linda and Bill Potter
C. Blair Pruett
Virginia Robb
Bev and Brent Robinson
Victoria Rogers
Susan Reinstein and Brian Ross
Kohanaiki Golf and Ocean Club
The San Francisco Foundation—Mary Bachman and William Downing
Sawtooth Development Group—Shane Felker
Richard and Barbara Shelton
Becky and Pete Smith
Thomas W. Smith Foundation
Paul Solomon
Sarah Spoor
Chris and Michelle Stephens
Carol and Bob Stevens
Georgia and Todd Stewart
Darci Swanson
Joanie and Tom Swift
Gail and Jack Thornton
Lois Ukropina
Charlotte Unger
Nils Venge
Gary and Terry Warburton
Judy and Tommy Wells
Sally and James Will
Risa and Terry Williams
Kit Wright
Kevyn Wynn

$250 – $499

Anonymous (12)
Christie and Graham Anderson
Sherry Archer
Debbie Aronson
Anthony Bancom
Gretchen and Jay Basen
Carolyn Corvi and John Bates
Shari and John Behnke
Donald and Carolyn Benson
Perry Binder
Steven Bird
Mary Blair
Roberta and Ron Bloom
Ruth and Jake Bloom
Sandra Bosley
Carol Boswell
JoAnn Boswell
Jill Bradburn
Molly and Steve Brown
Pat and Rick Bruder
Wendy and Ray Cairncross
Christina and John Calvert
Denise Simone and Greg Cappel
Joel Carlson
Deanna Glad and Mark Caywood
Laurie and Matt Christian
Mary Colhoun
Commonwealth Cares Inc.
Kristen Coulter
Roger Crist and Susan Chandler
David Currier
Jenny Emery Davidson and Mark Davidson
Richard Davis
Peggy Dean
Cris and Richard Deposit
Carey and John Dondero
Miren and Willis duPont
Lisa and Steve Durels
Margaret and Charley Durnin
Gail Dwyer
Diana and Larry Eisenstat
Jim and Naomi Ellison
Nina and Bruce Ericson
Kristi Fairfax
LeeAnn and Dick Fairfield
Kim and Dan Fairman
Kelly Favero
Joan and Bill Feldman
Maureen Flynn
Margery and Woody Friedlander
Theresa Gallant
Carla and John Garrison
Susan Gellatly
Debbie and Bob Gilbert
Ellie and Mark Gilbreath
Richard and Lorraine Gilden
John Glenn and R. L. Rowsey
Mary Letourneau and Raymond Goettsch
Connie Grabow
Corey Graham
Cynnie and Z. Wayne Griffin
Amy Gulick
Susan and David Haas
Sally Halstead
Brenda and Jay Harvey
Roberta and Tom Heinrich
Nancie Tatum and Dewey Hennig
Mary and Alan Hogg
Helen and Keith Holley
L & H Foundation—Lisa Holley
Sam Hollis
Angi Hunter
Richard A. Hunter
Idaho Mountain Express
Elinor and Ross Jannotta
Don and Beverly Jefferson
Admiral Jay and Sydney Johnson
Jerry and Debbie Johnson
Chipper Joseph
Lynn and Bruce Kaplan
Cynthia and Steve Kearns
Wendy Kistler
Diane Coulthard Kneeland
Lynn and Bill Kronberger
Kimberlee and Mark Krouse
Ken and Ginna Lagergren
James Lake
Lallman, Feltman, Peterson & Pierce, P.A.
Landmark Charitable Foundation, Inc.—Damaris E. Ford
Inge-Lise Eckmann and John Lane
Alice and Bob Lane
Eric and Kitty Larson
Jananne Lassiter
Nancy Lemaster
Debra and Jack Levin
Kathy Limburg
Karen and Tom Linden
Shelly Lindsey
Lisa Stelck, Sun Valley Real Estate
Jim and Alison Luckman
Ken Luplow
Lutz Rental—Tim and Sue Hamilton
Lori Lyle
Marty and Mila Lyon
Phillip Mabry
Gina and Alex MacDonald
Ms. Frances MacDonald
Kathy and Randy MacMillan
Mary and Stephen Malkmus
Kiki and Wayne Martin
Susanne Marx
Flora Mason
Elizabeth Mathieu
Janet and John McCann
Victoria McCurley
Michael Doty Associates
Jennifer Middleton
Nancy and Jeff Mihalic
Sylvia Miller
Kim Taylor and John Milner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Monge
Cynthia and Kingsley Murphy
Robert Neilson
Ms. Carol Nelson
Allison Newell
Hope Page and Albert Norris
Sharon Novak
Julie Olson
Kaye Oriordan
Clark and Dianne Parker
Susan Passovoy
Susan and Reuben Perin
Brooke Peterson
Pfeifer-Rothner Family
William L. Pierpoint
Alison and Craig Poulsen
Viki and Al Rankin
Trish and Bobb Raziano
Joy and Ken Rempe
Laurie Reynoldson
David and Barbara Rognlien
Kevin and Carol Root
Terry and Jani Ross
Rothstein Mishkin Foundation Inc.—Nina and Larry Rothstein
Melissa and Brent Russell
Phebe Thorne and Neil Ryan
Lynda and Robert Safron
Margaret Simpson and Richard Satava
Pierce Scranton
John A. Seiller, Attorney at Law, PLLC
Ann and Irwin Sentilles
Anne Jeffery and Jack Sept
Carole and David Shankle
Vicki and Glen Shapiro
Nancy and David Sheffner
Cay Fortune and John Shimer
Eagle Holdings LLC—C.V. Sisilli
Luanne and Nathan Skow
Louise and Trent Stumph
Sue Bridgman Florist
Catherine Sullivan
Elizabeth Talley
Doug and Ann Taylor
Dick Taylor
Bonnie Thibodo
The Third Floor Salon
Nancy Thomas
Tim Thomas
Lynn and Mikal Thomsen
Dookie and Bill Tingue
John Tunney
Marv and Cathy Turbow
Taylor and Mark Ullman
Joan and John Valaas
Annie and Victor Vandenberg
Annie and Bill Vanderbilt
Carolyn and Jay Walton
Christine Warjone Art
Dawn and Brian Webber
Sandra L. Webel
Starr Weekes
Jane Welch
Missy Higgins and Colby Williams
Doug Wilson
Nancy L. Winton
Caroline and David Woodham
Julie and Tony Zanze
Lisa Nemec and Edward Zbella

$100 – $249

Anonymous (29)
Margaret Adam
Barton and Lois Adrian
Laurie and Paul Ahern
Andy Akers
Susan Alfs
Jane and Tom Allen
Kelly and Wayne Allen
Kelly and Glen Allison
Karen and Scott Alpert
Renie Alverson
Ms. Martha Andersen
Kirk and Hillary Anderson
Lynn and John Archer
Wes and Carole Armand
Liza Atwood
Neil Bahan
Brooke A. Baker
Maureen and Donald Baker
Brent Barsotti
Brian Barsotti
Janine Bear
Jody Beckwith
Mr. Ben Benson
Lori and Bret Berier
Kate and Andy Berman
Jeffrey and Patty Bertz
Sharon Forster and Lloyd Betts
Diane and James Bevis
Sarah Bird
Claire and John Bissell
Susan and Arnold Blair
Emmy Blechmann
The Blue Family Trust—Kathleen and Hugh Blue
Wendel Wirth and Erik Boe
Karen and Charles Bohlke
Beth and Tod Bolsinger
Brooke Bonner and Kyle Baysinger
Holly Bornemeier
Marilyn and Stephen Bornemeier
Lisa Boyle
Mark and Margaret Bragg
Robert and Sandra Brand
Rachel and Ken Brannon
Julie and Mark Brewer
Nina Steffens and Bob Brock
Karen Brown
Nicole C. Brown
Sylvia and Barry Bunshoft
Lauri Bunting
Shannon Finnegan and Michael Burchmore
Ned and Sara Burns
Karen and Gary Burt
Steve Butler
Judy Cahill
Robin Calderon
Alice and John Calvert
Alma Mills and Ralph Campanale
Laura and Scott Carlin
Duane and Susan Carlson
Vic and Sara Carlson
Mrs. Ragna Caron
Victoria Abrams Carter
Calista and Tim Carter
David and Lou Ann Casper
Craig Casperson
Jeanne and Bill Cassell
Gay V. Weake and Jay Cassell
Kim and Andy Castellano
Christina Healy and Arlen Chaney
Page Chapman III
Lynn and Michael Christian
Susan Claman
Karen Clarkson
Frances Cobb
Brownell and Douglas Cochran
Linda and Leonard Cohen
Jacqueline Cole
Pamela Colesworthy
Helen Collette
Deborah Commons
Robertson-Conn Family
Richard and Elizabeth Conway
Sandie and Greg Cooke
James and Susan Coons
Geoffrey and Diane Cordes
Teresa Garen and Herberth Corrales
Carla Cote
Jane and Jim Coughlin
Dr. Michael and Kirsten Coughlin
Edna Cowen
Jan Cox
Karen and Carter Cox
Colleen A. Coyne
Thomas F. Crais
Susan Alban and Scott Creighton
Kathy Crosson
Joan and Ralph Crowley
Glenn and Stephanie Crumrine
Nancy and Terry Curran
Gemma Valdez Daggatt and Russ Daggatt
Barbara and Art Dahl
Kate Daly
Tony and Judy D’Angelo
Karin Davies
Jenn Davis
Christine and Tyler Davis-Jeffers
The Dawson Family
Liese Dean
Trevor Dean
Kathleen Deeter
Mary Kim and Steve Deffe
Barbara and Peter Dembergh
Annette Denker
Pamela DeTuncq and Tim Frazier
Kristi and Robert Diercks
Peter and Patricia Dinkelspiel
Bob Dix
Maggie and Ken Dolan
Kim and Ross Donald
Jeannie Wall and Dick Dorworth
Pamela and Stephen Doucette
Nancy and Ken Dreyer
Kathryn and John Driscoll
Joni Cashman and 
Michael Dunham
Sam and Robin East
Eric Eberhard Studio
Pam Ebertz
Kathy and George Edwards
Elias Construction
Leon and Ann Ellis
Rita Englert
Jamie Enslin
Jill and Mark Eshman
Anthony Evans
Stephanie and Andy Evans
Lucinda Fabian
Cindy and Mike Fabian
Scott Featherstone
Earl Feiwell
Mrs. Patricia Felton
Georgie and Dick Fenton
Claudia Fiaschetti
Chrissy and Jim Field
Cynthia and Edwin Fiel
Randi and Fred Filoon
Daralene and John Finnell
Julie Firestone
Rick and Judy Firtel
Mark Fisher
Karma Fitzgerald
Sandra and John Flattery
Lynn and Rick Flickinger
Janine and Alex Florence
Jeanne P. Flowers
Sean Flynn
Cherri Forgash
Jana Foushee
Cecilia Freilich
Carole and Robbie Freund
Margery and Bernard Friedlander
Tom Fritzlen
Tess O’Sullivan and Jeremy Fryberger
Myra Friedman and Ralph Fullerton
Sandy and Robert Gannan
Kathryn and Robert Gardner
Ann and Mack Gasaway
Christy Anna Gerber
Maria and Clark Gerhardt
Barbara and Stephen Gerrish
Ernest and Judith Getto
Kathy and George Gibson
Sally Gillespie
Elizabeth Gilman
Anneta and Barney Glavin
Scott and Carol Glenn
Jennifer and Mike Goitiandia
Linda and Charlie Goodyear
Michelle and Baird Gourlay
Barbara and Robert Grabowski
Eileen Hansen and Jay Graham
Betty and Bill Grant
Jami and Mark Grassi
Fran and Jed Gray
Lynn and Austin Gray
Debbie and Steve Greenberg
Jeanne and Jacob Greenberg
Jane Greig
Michelle and Harry Griffith
Abby Grosvenor
Carolyn Gruver
David and Anne Guyett
Brenda and Al Hackel
Denise and Michael Hagood
Beth and Charles Hall
Gayle and Bob Hall
Michelle and Russell Hall
Marcia Kent and Frank Halverson
Karen Hammond
Jane Hansen
Katrina Harmon
Carolyn and Bill Harper
Ellen Harris
Kimberley Harris
Judy and David Harrison
Barbara and Dave Hart
Valerie and Paul Hartl
John and Gundl Haskell
Linda and Ron Hatzenbuehler
George and Paula Hauer
Jude Hawkes and Charlie Pomeroy
Andrew Hawley
Happy Hawn
Hope Hayward and Walter Eisank
Traci Henderson
Lisa-Marie Allen and Peter Hendricks
Elizabeth Hendrix
David and Jackie Hennessy
Leslie Henning
Jennifer Higgins
Ana and Kevin Higgins
Carla and Stuart Hilleboe
Harvey and Margaret Hinman
Bobbye Hinson
Nanette Hinton
Caroline Hobbs
Charlie and Nancy Hogan
Toni and David Holmes
Elizabeth and Clyde Holt
Constance Colladay and Michael Hooker
Penelope and James Hopkins
Diane Rice and Spencer Hosie
Karl Hostetler
Bob Houston
Bert and Carol Hughes
Lois Hughes
Susan and Dave Hummon
Bobbi R. Hunt
Wendy Hunter
Morton Hurt
Philip and Christine Huss
Stephanie Infantino
Leslie Mitchell and Rob Insinger
Betty and Mark Irvine
Susan and Peter Jackson
Kristine Jaeger
Mia James
Ellen and Paul James
Alyson Wepplo and David Janeski
Wendy and Jim Jaquet
Sally and Peter Jarvis
Maureen and Page Jenner
Jennifer Hoey Interior Design
Linda and Carl Jensen
Roxanne Jensen
Ray Jijina
Tim and Candy Johnson
Nina Jonas
Allen Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Sandra B. Jones
Stan and Harriet Joseph
Heidi Junk
Diane and John Kahm
Patricia and Douglas Kaiser
Heidi Schulman and Michael Kantor
Bridget and Rick Kapala
Jean and Robert Kapp
Emily and Steve Karassik
Ed and Cami Kassatly
Tom and Joy Kealey
Jean and John Kearney
Gerry and Kaye Kearns
Courtney Gilbert and Jim Keating
Martha and Carleton Keck
Liz Keegan
Susan Giannettino and James Keller
Carol Eleazer and John Kelley
Laura Kelley
Michael Kelly
Nelda and Bob Kendall
Diane Kiel
Linda Kimball
Polly and Don King
Sue and Bill Kirby
Stacy and Bruce Kirshbaum
Trish Klahr and Lee Melly
Claudia Klokke
Sun Valley Ultimate Services
Kneeland Gallery
Gail and Steve Kohntopp
Lorna and Randy Kolash
Susan and Robert Kopf
Madi Kraus
Nancy and Michael Kraynick
Kathleen and Karl Krekow
Michael Lafferty
Kevin and Teresa Laird
Heather Langley-Evans
Susan Larson
Sarah Latham
Debby and Bob Law
Michael and Lisa Leach
Maureen Lee
Lynda Sanders and Bill Lee
Terri and Richard LeFaivre
Carla Lewis
Ruth Lieder
Sheila and Ray Liermann
Carrie and Clint Lightner
Kevin Livingston
Jeffrey Lohmann
Patti Lousen Bowman and Tom Bowman
Mrs. Susan W. Lovett
Courtney and Ward Loving
Elizabeth and Scott Lucas
Elise B. Lufkin
Elise G. Lufkin and Amos Galpin
Lisa and Jeff Lynn
Patricia Garrett and David MacKenzie
Marge MacLaughlin
Kathy and Jim Magee
Leslie and Jon Maksik
Jane Conard and Richard Maneval
Tift and Dabney Mann
Pam Mann and Mark Miller
Leslie and Jeff Manookian
Carol and Joe Marini
Anne Winton and John Marsh
Bruce and Kelly Martin
Morgan Jones and Ken Martin
Stefanie and Jon Marvel
Jane Mason
Carolan and Chris McAvoy
Louise and William McCann
Beth McCaw and Yahn Bernier
Mary and Murray McClain
Cindy and Brian McCoy
Ashley McCulloch
Marge and Nate McGrew
Christine Mckinney
Patrick McMahon
Kathryn and Matthew McNeal
George McNear
Olga and David Melin
Monica Williams and John Melin
Dr. Gerald and Sheila Mells
Nancy Mendelsohn
Sue and Robert Mendelsohn
Claudia and Laine Meyer
Robert Meyers
Sarah Michael and Bob Jonas
Roger and Francette Miller
Patricia Millington
Jim Moberg
Peter and Diane Mohn
Dana and Danny Moloney
Marilyn and John Moran
Helen and Wallace Morgus
Tom and Ann Morris
Cherie and John Morris
Karen L. Morrison
Karin Lindholm and Leigh Morse
Libby Moyer
Globus Restaurant
Michael Mullin
Backwoods Mountain Sports
Bettina P. Murray, Ph.D.
Susan Tucker and Stephen Myers
Holly Myers and Kirk Neely
Ryan Nelson
Daniel Nemnich
Karen Nestor
Heather Newhouse
Mary Newton
Kathleen Nichols
Clayton and Anne Nielsen
Janice and Jim Nikitin
Linda Jensen and Robert Nimmo
Diane Nini
Wilhelm and Patricia Northrop
Anita Northwood
Suzanne and David Nosworthy
Robin Ohlgren
Sally Okaya
Judy and Don Oliphant
Tom and Jane Oliver
Janet and Daniel Olmstead
Marci and Vince Onofrio
Dorothy Ann Outzs
Molly and Tom Page
Gretchen and Terry Palmer
Deborah Park
Virginia and Bob Parker
Linda and Ron Parsons
Phyllis C. Parvin
Marylyn and Steve Pauley
Linda Sawyer-Pearmine and Larry Pearmine
Gina Pearson
Patricia Pemberton
James W. Perkins
Sherrie Petermann
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Phillips
Barbara Wilson and John E. Phillips
Calysta and Matt Phillips
Susan Phillips
Chris Pilaro
Phoebe Pilaro
Judy and Robert Pittman
Robin Hagenau and Jim Plomasen
Gina and Robert Poole
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Potter
Karen and Tom Quaglia
Liz and Larry Questad
Martha and Gerald Randklev
Barry Rathfon
Roger J. Raymond
Ellie Reed
Andrea Reid
Laurie Reighley
Mark and Becky Reitinger
Nancy and Paul Richards
Julia and Alan Richardson
Linda and Paul Ries
Karla and Alain Rinckwald
Karen and Greg Ritter
Nancy and Jim Rivetts
Laurie Roark
Amy Roberts
Kate Rosekrans
Sierra Rosen
Bob and Kate Rosso
Paula Rubel
Ellen and Arthur Rubinfeld
Susan Dobias and Jim Ruscitto
Corinne and Richard Rutkowski
Penfield Stroh and Arne Ryason
Karen and Marc de Saint Phalle
Jeffrey Sakaguchi
Jane and Robert Saltonstall
Robert Saltsman
Fernanda and Donald Sammis
Dianne and Calame Sammons
Carol and Mike Sampson
Sandy and Jodi Sanders
Anita Lusebrink and Russell Satake
Rhonda and Howard Schaff
Barbara and Jerome Scher
Garth Schlemlein
Rebecca and Larry Schoen
Ms. Abby Schott
Linn Kincannon and Erik Schultz
Margaret Scott Design
Susan Scott
Susan and Eric Seder
Mary and James Sedin
Catherine Mayer and Martin Selig
Sarah Sentilles
Carol and Leslie Shanahan
Sandy Shaw
Nancy and John Shepherd
Tom and Darlene Shilling
Elizabeth Shoemaker
Anissa and Timothy Siegel
Glenn and Barbara Silcott
Peggy Simpson
Sheri Slater
Diane and Brian Smith
Jennifer Smith
Dr. Phillip and Phyllis Smith
Mr. and Mrs. J. Soderberg
Leah Warshawski and Todd Soliday
James Soran
Barbara Spallino
Jean and R. Miles Stanislaw
Candice Stark
Janet and Allan Starr
Sherry Warner-Steinberg and Jeff Steinberg
Judith and Erich Steinbock
Gene and Sharon Steiner
Aubrey and Manon Stephens
Karen Stern
Robin Stern
Lon and Gail Stickney
Lara and David Stone
Nan and Larry Stone
Connie Story
Frann and Carl Stremmel
Isabel and Herb Stusser
Phyllis and John Sucher
Sheila and Daniel Summers
Fran Suydam
Tricia Swartling
Carl Swartz
Phil and Barbara Syrdal
Spooky and James Taft
Aleta Taylor
Alex and Ron Taylor
Jon Thorson
Donna Delahorne and Andrew Tian
Char Roth and Bruce Tidwell
Patsy and John Todd
Carol and George Todd
Jodi Tonnemaker
Lisa Torrence
Linda and Steven Tracy
Susan Tryon
Pamela and Richard Tucker
Pilar and Jeff Tumolo
Jennifer Tyrer
Marybeth Ursin-Smith
Susan and Philip Usher
Alison and Andrew Van Hook
Colette Evans and Bas Verheijen
Christie Vik
Robert and Kari Vincent
The Vontvers
Ellen and John Wallace
Carol Waller
Jeffrey Walters
Steven Warren
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Wasilewski
Susan and Deck Waters
Rich and Kelly Wathne
Ed and Sara Watson
Robyn Watson
Rebecca and Richard Waycott
Kenneth and Lynne Weakley
Georganna and Eric Weatherholtz
Rick and Nancy Webking
Ed and Julie Weil
Christel Nicholson and Doris Weiler
Anne Weitz
Lynn and Barry Welker
Joanne and Dick Wetherell
Lili Simpson and Ned Wheeler
Judy Whitmyre
Toni and Nigel Whittington
Mike and Beth Willard
John Williams
Martha Williams
Lori and Robert Williams
Linda Winnovich
Gina and John Wolcott
Susan H. Wolford
Patti Zebrowski and Roland Wolfram
Linda Woodcock
Richard Woods
Jane and Jim Woolley
Rebecca B. Worst
Jeanne Wright
Stefanie Zable
Linda and Ray Zapp
Jody and Christopher Zarkos

$50 – $99

Anonymous (14)
Steve and Lisa Adam
Anne Aganon
Patti and Peter Ahrens
Frederick Allington
Amazon Smile Foundation
Diane Anderson
Holly Anderson
Jannette Williams and Charles Anderson
Marty Arvey
Claudia Aulum
Gail Baccheschi
Karen Bailey
John and Annelle Ballbach
Lisa L. Morbidelli and Michael P. Barbee
Richard and Donna Barker
Janet and John Barton
Jennifer Belknap
Anthony Benson
Elli and Jerry Bernacchi
Julie Berry
Steve Bezdeka
Susan Bilkey
Roscoe Black
Phyllis Blackburn
Blincoe Architecture
Susan and Rudy Boesch
Maria Dudunakis and Jerry Boesel
William and Teresa Bourke
Amy Boyer
Barbara and Richard Boyer
Joann and Bob Brand
Leo M. Brieske
Sidney and Richard Brooks
Broschofsky Galleries
Marvin Brown
Sally Burk
Martin Burkland
Mary J. Burns
Cathie Caccia
Barbara Campbell
Stephen Cannon
Tracey and Mark Caraluzzi
Tom and Donna Carvey
Edie Cary
Claire Casey
Jamie and Brian Champion
Ann Chandler
Asa Chandler
Tara Chatfield
Kym Sturdivant and Terry Chester
Frances Cheston
Lee Chubb
Erin and Neil Clark
Joan Clark
Anita and James Cleveland
Courtney Cline
JoEllen Collins
Katrina Collins
Wendy Collins
Brian Connell
Andrea Cookston
Jay and Linda Cooper
Margaret and Cameron Cooper
E.J. Creighton
Michele and Michael Cronin
Jayne Crowley
Patricia Davies
Andria Friesen and 
Robert DeGennaro
David Denekas
Margaret Devan
Lucie DiMaggio
Patti and Jay Dorr
Ann Down
Julie Driver
Jolie and Robert Dunn
Robin and Sam East
Bonnie Eddy
Kate Elgee
Gale H. Elkins
Kimberly Ellwanger
Anne and Roger Elmore
Wendy and James Erickson
Howard Eustis
Harry Ezell
Corneil Therrien and Ed Fenwick
Jeanni Ferrari
Nancy and Chuck Ferries
Dana DuGan and Ken Ferris
Nathan and Susan Fierman
First Financial USA Giveback Program
Neil Fleishon
Jerry Flynt
Joyce Fogg
Katelyn and John Foley
Karyn Forsyth
James Foster
Judy Foster
Bill Fraser
Nolina Burge and Cliff Frates
Carolyn Fuller
Brian and Julie Gallagher
Kent Gardner
Elissa Kline and Erik Gillberg
George and Rita Golleher
Nancy Goodenough
Jodi Goodheart
Sara and Dan Gorham
Linda Grable-Curtis
Sue and Bill Grinstein
Kathy Grotto
Norma Hale
Cindy Hamlin
Dennis Hanggi
Elisabeth and Michael Hanley
Sharon Hanson
Sibyl W. Hanson
Patricia Hanwright
William Harder
Michael and Mary Harley
Linda Harmon
Penny and Butch Harper
Caren Harris
Ms. Betsy Hauck
Francie and Mike Hawkey
David and Carol Hayes
Suzanne Hazlett
Ann Hender
Ken and Marcia Hills
David Hipp
Teresa Hiramatsu
Marnae Hobson
Melanie Hodge
Denise and William Hodges
Alan Hoffman
Connie and Gary Hoffman
Wendolyn Holland
Nancy Holley
GwenCarol and David Holmes
Mike and Diane Holmes
Lisa Huttinger
Sandra Hyde
Liz Insinger
Michele and Bernie Johnson
Mary Kaiser
Randi and John Kanellitsas
Laury and Tom Keenan
Sandy Kelly
Paul Kenny
Dev Khalsa Photography
Bonnie Marsh and Jeff King
John King
Robert King
Susie King
Michele Kitzmiller
The Toy Store
Karin Knott
Shayla Koffler
Kirstin Kozlowski
Barbara Kruse
Sharon Landau
Brooke Lang
Kim Laragan-Uranga
Penelope and Chris Leady
Anson and Linda Levine
Erika Liebel
Marge Lilley
Art Lillis
David and Carolyn Lister
Deb Lister
Karen Little
Kelly Lloyd
Jane Lodato
Kaye Lofgren
Janet Lombardo
Jeff London
Lotus Boutique and Gallery
Peggy Nuetzel and Howard Lovering
Betty Lukins
Kelly Lukins
Jacqueline Lytle
Eric Madsen
Jory Magidson
Sandra Martin Acker
Mike Mattias
Paul Mauldin
Lisa and Bob Mayer
William Mayer
Sara Gress and Virginia McConnell
Jeanne McGinnis
Milinda and Bill McKee
Patricia McKeever
Anne and Lanny McLean
Christy McPherson
Judith McQueen
Fran Michael
Susan Michael
Marjorie Mickelson
Abbie Milisci
Juli and Barry Miller
Ted and Victoria Miller
Leslie Mincks
Callan Miranda
Betty Moake
Samuel Mollner
Carol Monteverde
John Moragne
Sherrian Morris
Jody Moss
Jeanne Mowlds
Julie Muer
Amber Mullen
Deborah Murphy
Skip Nalen
Kim Nalen
Hilarie Neely-Job
Kim Neill
Roselyn Nelsen
Kaz Thea and Kurt Nelson
Robert Nero
Cole Newcomb
Eric Newman
Adrian and Bill Norris
Myrna Oliver
Carol O’Loughlin
Jerry Olson
Tanya Olson
Candy Overlie
Priscilla Panzer
Ann Parry
Nancy Patterson
Beverly Lingle and Bud Paul
Janice Payne
Maureen Perou
Fritz Peters
Sheila and Gregory W. Plowman
Stephen Poklemba
Tom Pomeroy
Paige Poulos
Maria Prekeges
Merchant Services Consulting
Rosemary Cody and Bill Rae
Susan and Arthur Ralph
Joyce Fabre and Craig Randle
Cathy Reinheimer
Mr. Hunter Reinking
Janice Reutlinger
Keefer Reynolds
Virginia Rhinehart
Joy Ricker
Kate Riley
Fran Ripsom
Muffy Ritz
Ms. Georgie-Anne Robertson
Ronile and Leroy Robinson
Bruce Rogers
Eleanor Jewett and Eric Rogers
Nancy Romagnoli
Julianne and Michael Roos
Lisa and Harry Rosenthal
Kathy Rothgeb
Wally Rothgeb
David and Lorraine Rowand
Cathie Royston
Thomas H. Rule
Patricia Kilmartin and Steve Schmidt
Mary L. Schneider
Miriam Schneider
Sandra Schroeder
Marilyn Schwartz
Irv and Sylvia Scott
Betsy P. Service
Natalie and James Service
Kerry Sharp
Bob and Kim Shaw
Sandra Sheeline
Julia Shelly
Erin Zell and Don Shepler
Deborah Sievers
Ruth Simerly
Linda Sisson
Matthew Smith
Sue Soller
Debra Spitzer
David Spritzer
St. Francis Pet Clinic
Robert Stadshaug
Marie Stanislaw
Dr. David and Betsi Steinberg
Gail Stern
Paul Stevenson
Allyn Stewart
Dorothy Ann Snowball and Jack Stilinger
Laurie Strand
Penelope Street
Charles and Mimi Stuart
Brian Sturges
Carly Styer
Tom and Sandy Swanson
Kay Tenney
Louann Terry
Carol Tessier
Betsey Thomson
Erica Thorson
Kiki Tidwell
Jane Tillotson
William and Joanne Travers
Nan and Peter Tynberg
Kristian and Beth Uri
Julie Fox and John Valenzuela
Carol and Todd Vanbramer
Mary Vanbragt
Erica Von Pechmann
Carol and Mike Wade
BZ Waite
Nanci Warren
Ms. Ammy Waters
Lynnette Watkins
Timothy Watts
Liza Weekes
Katherine Weihe
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Sharon L. Wellsandt
Melinda Westgate
Bonnie S. Wetmore
Anita Whelan
Ann Whyte
Carolyn Wicklund
Jacqueline Wieman
L.R. and Barbara Williams
Pamela Williams
Ruby Wilson
Spencer and Layle Wood
Susan Woodruff
Sue Woodyard
Kari Young
Sam Young

Sun Valley Center for the Arts enriches our community through transformative arts and educational experiences.

The Center needs your support. We are so grateful for the support of all the individuals, businesses and foundations who believe in the impact the arts make in the lives of individuals, our community and society at large. THANK YOU.

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