Lecture Program Videos

Lecture: Flex Your Cortex: Seven Secrets to Turbocharge Your Brain
with Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman*

April 2, 6:30pm at The Center, Ketchum

Why is there a stigma associated with our brain’s health? Consider that the brain is the most powerful, most staggeringly complex electro-biochemical machine ever created.  Above and behind our eyes are 100 billion neurons in a small calcium shell, laced with organic pumps, channels and switches. Until recently, this complicated organ was thought to be static and unchangeable. Far from it. Learn from Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman, founder and chief director of the Center for Brain Health at The University of Texas at Dallas seven scientifically-validated secrets anyone can implement to improve brain performance.

Click here to view Dr. Bond Chapman’s PDF “Flex Your Cortex: Seven Secrets to Turbocharge Your Brain.”

Part of The Center’s BIG IDEA multidisciplinary project The Brain.

Panel Discussion: What should our relationship with the forest be?*

September 16, 6:30pm at The Center, Ketchum

Our panelists gathered for a reflective discussion about how we are linked to the forest and what our responsibility is for its management. Panelists include Ryan Haugo, Forest Ecologist at The Nature Conservancy; John Freemuth, Boise State Professor of Public Policy and Administration; Robin Garwood, Sawtooth National Recreation Area Biologist; and David New, President of Growing Excellence, Inc.

Part of The Center’s Forest, Foraging and Fires BIG IDEA multidisciplinary project.

*Video and digital documentation of programs is generously supported
by the Wolfson Family Foundation.