The act of creation makes magic happen. Art making and creativity inspire and connect us.

At The Center and Company of Fools, we’re thankful that throughout the year we witness the many magical moments people enjoy when participating in a Center program or event.

And magical moments aren’t felt only by the people experiencing the art, but also by the people making it! Here are just a few special moments artists and actors shared with us after exhibiting at the museum or performing with The Fools or The Center.

The Center brings more than 70 artists, speakers, actors, and musicians to the Wood River Valley each year to engage with our community at local venues and schools. These talented artists share diverse perspectives and new ideas that enhance the vibrant cultural life we are so fortunate to enjoy in our valley.

For many of these artists, it’s their first time visiting our beautiful Idaho. And we often hear that their time getting to know our unique community and natural surroundings inspires them as much as they inspire us. That inspiration carries forward in our community and beyond!

We are honored to provide programs that enhance the quality of life in our community, but we couldn’t do any of this without the support of generous contributors, like YOU!

Collaborating with artists and local organizations to bring
world-class art and ideas to our community:

“It was such an honor to be selected by the Sun Valley Center for the Arts’ curator, Courtney Gilbert, to be a part of the Contemplative Practice BIG IDEA project and visual arts exhibition. Her holistic approach to curating provided me with a truly extraordinary opportunity. I had no idea what a unique experience this would be as I had never been to Sun Valley. Because of The Center’s “BIG IDEA” approach to programming, many things became possible, including my participation in The Sun Valley Wellness Festival as well as an exhibition and new representation at Friesen Gallery. The cross-pollination of these projects deepened the work as a whole and made it possible for many more people to engage with it.”

— Dana Lynn Louis, visual artist

When professionalism and talent meets the warmth of a community
and the heart of a theatre company:

“I will forever hold Company of Fools as the gold standard for both professionalism and kindness in a theater company. On even the darkest days, every single person opened up their hearts and (sometimes literally) homes to complete strangers and welcomed us into the community. The work that was be done in such a short time would be impressive on its own, but Life Sucks was something else all together. I’ve been a working actor in NYC for over a decade. The way in which Company of Fools and its community are one and the same is something I’ve not quite experienced. It feels like theater at its most distilled and necessary level. We are storytellers. Sometimes this means bringing new ideas into the space and holding up a mirror to help each other see ourselves more clearly. At this moment in time it is more important than ever. The beauty of theater—of being in the room with other human beings and breathing the same air—is its ability to close the emotional distance we all have between each other. The emotional proximity we have to things can change hearts and minds. Company of Fools—this is what they do. It’s in their DNA. And it’s special. Thank you.”

— Cleo Gray, actor, Ella in Company of Fools’ Life Sucks

Discovering magic, bravery and power in the dedication of fellow artists:

“There were so many magical moments during my time with Company of Fools. But most of all, what touched my heart was how during a time of great loss, the cast of Life Sucks came together to create a powerful piece and share a part of themselves with the audience members. Every day that I got to share the stage with the brave and talented members of Company of Fools was magic, and I am the luckiest person in the world to get to experience a moment of it.”

– Neysa Lozano, actor, Sonia in Company of Fools Life Sucks

Inspiration flows in both directions: by giving it, it gives back in return.

“Working with the Sun Valley Center for the Arts was an unmitigated joy. The shows I played were great, and it was obvious from the start that the Performing Arts Director, Kristine Bretall, made it her personal mission to create a high quality experience for everyone—me, my audience, and the community at large. I always enjoy having the opportunity to perform, but I think my favorite experience with The Center was when I taught a creative writing seminar to some of the students in Eleanor Roger’s 11th grade creative writing class. We shared stories with one other, talked about the creative process, and I did my best to inspire….the warm reception exceeded my expectations, and the sheer opportunity of giving back to these hungry, bright minds was among the most gratifying professional experiences of my year. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

– Korby Lenker, singer, songwriter and author

If you believe in the power of art or have enjoyed a Center program this past year, we hope you will help create more magical moments with a year-end gift.

With your year-end gift to The Center and Company of Fools, you play a vital role in providing the arts and cultural programming that make the Wood River Valley such a magical place to live and visit.